About Las Coloradas

Why is the water pink?

The water is naturally pink, due to the presence of halophiles organisms that thrive in high salt concentration. The halophiles contain pink and carotenoid pigments that produce various shades of color, ranging from orange to pink.

Why are Las Coloradas Yucatan so famous?

Yucatan pink lakes became famous thanks to social media. Only a few places like this exist in the world, and they look stunning in pictures.

Can we swim in the pink water?

No. Entering the water is forbidden because of its toxicity. In fact, the high level of salt would burn your skin.

Las Coloradas Mexico

When is the water pink?

The water is colorful all year long, but lighting and weather affect the color. This is why, Las Coloradas Yucatan lakes can turn into many shades of pink and orange during the day, which is why we will see the lakes twice during the tour. We will give you the opportunity to see them from two different places with different lighting, creating different shades of pink.

Salt production

What company produces salt in Las Coloradas?

The factory that started salt production in Las Coloradas in 1946 is owned by Grupo Industrial Roche. The company specializes in multipurpose salt production. Each year 750,000 tons of salt are produced in Yucatan pink lakes, thanks to dozens of miles of salt lakes.

How is salt made?

Las Coloradas lakes are very shallow, and the level of salt is very high. The seawater is transferred from one lake to the next. When the water evaporates, the sodium molecules crystalize and form salt crystals in the water. Then, a machine is used to collect the raw salt. Impurities are washed away, and the salt is stored to dry before selling it.

What type of salt is made?

The salt extracted in the factory at Las Coloradas is transformed into more than 50 different products. From industrial salt to table salt, all products are high-quality natural sea salt.


When did salt production start in Las Coloradas?

Grupo Industrial Roche established a factory in Las Coloradas in 1946, but salt production actually started 2,000 years ago! The water would evaporate with the heat and enable Yucatan inhabitants to collect the salt at the surface.

Mayans and salt production

The salt of Las Coloradas was one of the biggest sources of sodium for Mayans of the Yucatan peninsula. They used to manually collect salt from these natural lakes, and Mayan communities later started doing business by selling their salt to other cities in the area.