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How To Dress For The Best Las Coloradas Pictures

Las Coloradas

Playa del Carmen is a popular vacation spot in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. There truly is something for everyone.

Love retail therapy? Visit Quintana Avenida. Prefer to take in a bit of culture? Then check out Fundadores Park with its sculptures and performances or even go to visit the Tulum Maya ruins.

However, there’s also a chance to experience stunning vistas that will take your breath away. If that sounds like you, Las Coloradas can be a special addition to your trip.

Las Coloradas Pictures

The stark white landscape dotted by pastel pink lakes almost seems unreal. Not only are they real, they set the stage for some fantastic vacation photos!
Are you a social media influencer? Just get a thrill out of seeing your Instagram ‘likes’ skyrocket? Las Coloradas pictures can help. Like any Instagram-worthy photo shoot, though, it takes a bit of planning.

What to wear

With the beauty of Las Coloradas, you want to make outfit choices that don’t take away from the scenery. Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude! Take a cue from your surroundings.

Pink clothing will bring some liveliness to your photos. Don’t forget about accessories, either. Appreciating the simplicity of the gorgeous landscape doesn’t mean you can’t show out with a stylish hat, quirky jewelry, etc.

Worried too much pink will keep the lakes from really “popping” in your photos? Try wearing white. This classic choice for tropical trips will help keep you cool and be sure to let the lakes shine.

Group photos!

you’re travelling with others, don’t miss the opportunity for group photos! Even just one other person in the frame with you can keep your shoot from feeling like a selfie celebration.

You’ll want to make sure everyone in the photos “fits” together visually. If your entire family is wearing pink and white, and your spouse decides on blue shorts, it can throw off the whole photo.

Check all Las Coloradas pictures on our gallery page, and don't forget to share with us your best shots on Instagram @lascoloradastour

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