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Why Las Coloradas are Pink?

las coloradas pink lake

There are many beautiful lakes in the world, but Las Coloradas in Mexico stands out as the lakes are pink – bright pink!

Why Las Coloradas are Pink?

You may wonder what causes this strange phenomena and why Las Coloradas are pink. The presence of algae, which produces pigments known as carotenoids, is the cause of the unusual color. Dunaliella Salina algae is found specifically in sea salt and it thrives in the Las Coloradas lakes, which are actually salt evaporation ponds. The high concentration of salt causes the algae to produce beta-carotene to protect the organisms from intense light. This creates a bright pink color in the lakes, which makes Las Coloradas such a unique and extraordinary sight.

When is Las Coloradas Pink?

The lakes remain pink all year round, although various factors can affect the intensity of the color. The salt production process can make the lakes appear more red/pink at certain times while cloudy weather makes the lakes appear less pink. The best time to see the brightest pink color is between noon and 3pm when the bright natural light enhances the beautiful pink lakes.

Another unusual natural sight

As well as the lakes, Las Coloradas has another unusual natural sight – pink flamingos. These beautiful birds wade along the edge of the saltwater lakes, sifting the micro algae with their curved beaks. Eating the algae is what gives these bright pink birds their color. It’s an amazing sight! The nearest place to Riviera Maya to see flocks of pink flamingos is at Rio Lagartos, a saltwater lagoon that is part of Las Coloradas.

If you are visiting Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, a trip to see the rare pink lakes at Las Coloradas is a must-do. In addition, the chance to see flocks of bright pink flamingos in the wild is an unforgettable opportunity that you will definitely not want to miss!

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